In Loving Memory of the Creative Force behind Jelly Bean Productions and Zeus the Cyber Rave ....

      ......he never liked Jelly Bean too much as it was not a cutting-edge name but with the Cyber Rave part.....

                              .....not to mention the robots.......he could cope with my jellybeans..........

                          .....and to not forget all the other things he did during his time.............

       somehow getting fish donated to the Colorado to help the environment....... working heavily with East Austin non-profits to creating art from canvas to the stage........

        ............and you can see his unique creativity in his latest set of events, SpaceWalkAustin (still down, hope to be up soon 09/2007)..................

                                                   ...a truly wondrous spirit and man.... 



                                                         Wilson M. Leary III, a.k.a Butch


                                                                 May 3, 1966 - September 15, 2006


                     Forever a friend, forever a cohort, forever a dreamer of better days and dessert.


                       Posted August 19, 2007                  


    Wilson's last two paintings on canvas created during 2006:



                                                                                            "The Green Belt"

                                                                                  Painted during the spring of 2006



                                                  unnamed   --  some have called it:   "Dual" or "Duel"

                                                        Believed to be painted during the summer of 2006.





                Posted September 19, 2007



                                                                                    "Grand Unified Theory"  31" x 52"

                                                                                            1996 - 1997






                                    Wilson's Fish Mobile - time period unknown



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                   His favorite "Voter Gate" picture is on the first one.  




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                                      Thank you!




                                                                  The always youthful Wilson just beginning school at UT.        




                           One of several art shows Wilson presented his canvas work.  This event was held at the Mexicarte about 1990.




                                                              Wilson's beloved studio at his Barton Hills condo




                        Enjoying his friends, Glen and Steve, at his art show at the former Highlife Cafe on 7th St.  (1997)




                                                  Wilson in his favorite costume....although he was an even better alien!




                                               Zombie Mob picture at one of Wilson's SpaceWalkAustin events  (2005)





                                                           Wilson enjoying an Austin day.




                                One of the loudest voices during the Smoking Ban vote last year.





                                                      Hard at work installing ceramic tile  (2003)





                                                                            Wilson and dear friend, Jenni






                                                            Koshari                                                 Kosharis                     






                                                                                                                                            "Wilson's rainbow"    (1998 - 2000)




Memorial Services for Wilson

were held

Saturday, September 30, 2006


        A gathering of family and friends to walk through nature,

listen to the sound of rhythmic drums -- guitars welcome too,

share art and visit together, share stories of our dearest friend, Wilson.

Organized for all by Shirlynn Slimp and his mom, Judy Leary, family and friends.


This is a casual memorial, in the woods, in a spot Wilson chose, loved and left this world from. 

Some of his ashes will be spread here. 

If you have any stories of Wilson or thoughts you would like to share about his life, please bring them too.


Please Bring A Drum !!



Remembrance of Wilson M. Leary III

Sunday --  October 15, 2006


King Tears Mortuary Inc.

1300 East 12th Street

Austin, Texas 78702



Thank you George, Sean, Shirlynn, Melanie, Judy (Wilson's Mom), Butch II (Wilson's Dad) and Steve for a lovely, creative 

and heart-warming gathering to help all of us heal a little easier after this tragic end to our friend, Wilson "Butch" Leary III.

Our hearts and thoughts are with you all during this time. 



Like everyone and all who knew him, we loved Wilson (Butch) very dearly. 

He was my bestest best friend ever for 20 years.

He will be missed by one and all.



"If you press me to say why I loved him, I can say no more than because he was he, and I was I."

                                                                                       ~ Michel de Montaigne





                       "Time Peace" or sometimes called "Art for Peace"...actually it truly has no name as Wilson never quite coined it.....but he could put it on paper!!   (2000)



All of our event artwork and his collage work like above was produced meticulously the old, by hand, cut and glue method by Wilson. 

    One of his event flyers or any of his collage work would take days and days, maybe months to finish. 

            Even his acrylic on canvas work is not thrown together........

       .................wherever each piece was left  -  was exactly what he chose; some examples:




"Self Portrait"  (1998)




       "Red at the Moment"  (1990)





"Bubble Bath"  (1989-90)



The Chess Board (1999)



A Doorway (1998)




"The Light bulb"  (1999)




9:00 (1999)




name unknown (1999 - 2000)




Blue Triptyc (1990)




Bucky Irvine (1990)




goodwill (1990)




Nativity (1990)



Stanford (1990)




Titan (1990)




Waveform (1990)



Nasarings (1989)




Self Portrait (1990s?)




His tribute to the Black Cat Lounge  (1998-99)




        The Rocket  (1987-88)



"xmassgeo"  (1992)

Christmas was by all means his favorite holiday.....yet.....oh WOW!....Wilson treasured New Year's Eve!!





courtesy of NASA


  Peace and love to you, Wilson.  We'll see you on the flipside. 






               Jelly Bean Productions

             Zeus the Cyber Rave


         liberty.jpg (56489 bytes)       libertybck.jpg (72466 bytes)

     The above event was the Launch party for the Austin American~Statesman's XLent.

            Take a peek at an article on the above event written by Gavin Lance.     






                   Mardi Gras '93                                                 New Year's '94






                                                        New Year's Eve 1992

                                        Former Building at NW corner of 2nd Street and Colorado


    One of Wilson's favorite Zeus' events because it had so many different environments and tones

    from Liquid Mice performing their avant-garde theatre to the disco room with walls made of heavy duty saran wrap which

    created a unique rainbow effect so one felt almost inside a rainbow while only using one single piece of technology

    by High End Systems, their rave of the day (we thought so too), a Solar 250, as I remember it was named (please correct me if not). 





           1st Zeus - September '92                                  at the Acropolis, November '92



        Project Global Link:  the story.....


      Project Global Link was originally thought of by Wilson & Lara and fortunately, they just happened to find the right team to make it happen. 

      It was but one of many facets to our events filled with wild lighting and sound, robotics galore and video to keep a mind busy for quite awhile

      and have got to remember all those tons of Tooney people whom Wilson dearly adored.



      The brief on Project Global Link: 

      It started at the River's Edge production (our 2nd event at the current Austin Music Hall facility)

      which linked with an event in San Francisco and Austin using an AT&T Video phone.


      The next event where it worked well for the 1st time was at Liberty Lunch celebrating the new publication of the Austin American~Statesman, XLent.

      It linked Austin, Sydney and Perth, Australia using CUSeeMe and Vidcall for the first time as well; providing attendees a video & communication outlet

      a.k.a "video telepresence" between each other.


      Then the big show that made it all work:   New Year's Eve 1994 at Ohms on 7th Street linking over 40 global events including cities like

      Managua, Nicaragua; Moscow, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney and Perth, London, Paris, Rome, Cairo, Mexico City,

      Sun City, South Africa as examples of the diversity of the evening's connectivity.   

      Both using  AT&T video phones, CUSeeMe and Vidcall with standard monitors and large screen projections.

      At the time, this new ease of communication was a rising technology and the crowd just loved it! 



      Wilson & Lara believed if maybe we could communicate in a non-pressure atmosphere with our peers across the lands, then maybe we could better our world together.

      And now 15 years later after our first event, look where one of the key focuses are in technology and booming:  communication in all ways for the masses.

      We've come along way since CUSeeMe and ISP CUSeeMe Reflectors not to mention the AT&T Video Phones of 1994.  Yikes!



      Our productions have ranged from multimedia - multi-environment events to parades to art openings and corporate events.



     Producers:   Wilson M. Leary and Lara L. Thomson



     With a little help from our friends:        Austin Robot Group, Eyecon Interactive Media, Eden Matrix, Electronic Cafe of San Francisco,

                                                             Dream Creators, Liquid Mice, Liberty Lunch, High End Systems, The Shrinking Robot Heads 

                                                             Austin American~Statesman with special thanks to The Black Cat.

                                                             And many thanks to all the performers and DJs!



     For more information, please email:


     Jelly Bean Productions is based in Austin, Texas and founded in 1992.







"Carpe Diem!!", Wilson declares in the wind walking away, always waving and smiling. 


Thanks, Wilson, for the ride.






Pax tecum

















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